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TURCK, Actuator and Sensor Junction Box, 8 Port, , M12 eurofast Junction Box, 8 ports, Side exit M23 multifast home run connector, Plastic housing










TURCK, Magnetic Field Sensor, For Pneumatic Cylinders, , Rectangular, height 34 mm, Metal, GD-Zn, Magnetic-inductive sensor, AC 2-wire, 20250 VAC, NO contact, Connector, 1/2″


TURCK, Power Receptacle, Front Mount, , Female M16 powerfast Receptacle


TURCK, Actuator and Sensor Receptacle, Front Mount, , Female M16 versafast Receptacle


TURCK, Actuator and Sensor Cordset, Connection Cordset, , Right angle Female M16 versafast Connector


TURCK, BL compact¦ multiprotocol fieldbus station for Industrial Ethernet, 4 IO-Link Channels and 8 Configurable Digital PNP Channels, On-machine Compact fieldbus I/O block, EtherNet/IP¦, Modbus? TCP, or PROFINET slave, Integrated Ethernet Switch, 10 Mbps / 100


TURCK, BS 4141-0/13.5, , Returnable = YES



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