eWON Flexthink! Conference for Developers

The Triad Automation Team –Shayne Hayes, President; Tyler Hayes, Control Engineer; and George Johnson, Control Engineer– attended eWON’s Flexthink! Conference for Developers, in Las Vegas. This two day conference provided attendees with the knowledge to participate in the present and future of remote data collection and be part of the industrial IoT.

During the conference our team learned the advanced functionality of eWON’s Flexy and its tools. The eWON Flexy tools include: eSync, M2Web API, ViewOn4 and Data Mailbox. These tools make it simple to stay Cosy while remote data collecting.

“One thing that stood out to me was how Flexy’s I/O servers can be customized to match ANY protocol,” stated Tyler.

Our team gained the comprehensive knowledge to provide our customers with the most effi