Bardac Service Training Program

Last week, Shayne – Triad Automation President – and Tyler – Triad Automation Control Engineer – attended Bardac’s Service Team Training Program in Stevensville, Maryland. The purpose of this training was to gain knowledge on Bardac’s AC drives, DC drives and how to effectively use savvy-SFD programming software.

During the hands-on training, participants programmed a smarty using savvy-SFD software to design a state machine that implemented a start/stop jog logic. The state machine was used in combination with other function blocks, such as ramps and timers to provide the required solution.  Participants then programmed an HMI to control and monitor the smarty’s i/o.

“It was great to be able to learn from and work hands-on with Bardac’s experts. Along with learning how to program AC/DC drives, we learned how to effectively use savvy SFD to program AC/DC drives and HMI/Controllers,” stated Tyler.

The Triad Automation Team left Bardac’s training with the confidence to apply the knowledge learn